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What does a Happiness Meter Assessment score mean? What if your score is negative or very low. Very high assessment scores also need to be seen objectively. With our experience we now that people sometimes do not think before replying to the survey. This creates a bias in the result. If you have thoughtfully and honestly replied to all the questions you are privileged to have a happy outlook of your life..

A low Happiness Meter Assessment score often means that you have taken carefully and thoughtfully replied to all the questions. While taking the test you must have thought about turbulent factors. Taadiib use this assessment to customize their training workshops for teachers. If you are really concerned about your score and need counseling, you may contact our experts by sending an email.

What does my assessment result means?

Your score is neither intrinsically good nor bad. However, in the your life your assessment results will have a significant influence on your life, academically and otherwise. So, you may need to talk to a caregiver.

How Taadiib uses my result?

Where this assessment is a tool for self-reflection, it is also useful for us to customize our training programs. We will never share your detailed results with anyone without your consent. But we can use your assessment to guide you to a path of a thriving life ahead.