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While you may be excited to participate in the 2020 Spring Essay Writing Competition, you might also be feeling anxious about coming up with an amazing essay. It is indeed an overwhelming task. Writing 750 words long essay can be a big task, so you can break it in smaller manageable parts and start working on it early. The following tips might further help you to write an essay that expresses your idea in the best form. So here are some Essay Writing Tips: our 7 Tips on Writing a Winning Essay

1. Picking a topic

You have been giving an essay question, but you can choose to rein your subject of interest. Think about your topic by creating mind maps to understand what general or specific arguments will you focus on. This will help you get a bigger picture and form a strategy to write about it. For example, you may want to narrow your focus on a smaller section of society or make it bigger for society as a whole, if necessary. 

Choosing a topic demands you have a little more research work. Take this as an opportunity to explore subjects that interests you. It is better to pick something that is relevant to you. If you have more than one topic in mind you must better take help from your mentor teacher or some other caregiver to help you to choose. Finally, you need to evaluate your options by yourself. You can set goals for researching your topic so choose one that you can do justice to. Whatever is your final choice, make sure that you are interested in your topic.

2. Outline your ideas

Before jumping into writing your essay, it is better to organize your thoughts. You make write everything you want to say in keywords on a paper as brainstorming. Then connect the thoughts is a thoughtful way. look at connections between the thoughts. For example, you may link your thoughts using cause and effect chain – which thought is a cause which is an effect of that.

You can make braches of your thoughts, we call it mindmap. when you are researching or taking help from someone it is better to connect these new ideas to your existing thoughts. 

Doing this excercise will allow you to see connections and links. So, you can produce a more organized essay.

3. Making sections

Writing an essay in three main sections is the most conventional and effective way of presentation. 

  1. the introduction
  2. the body
  3. the conclusion

However, we are not limiting your creativity with the presentation. If you have another way of effective presentation, you will consider it as long as your idea is well presented.

4. Start with body

Writing the body of your essay first; that argues, explains or describes your idea, is the right way to start. your introduction and conclusion can be written later. because you will have more clarity about your overall essay from writing the main body. 

Write each idea, thought or argument in a different paragraph sets the basic structure. However, it is important to make a connection between your paragraphs. Although not mandatory, you may choose to make headings before filling in words. 

5. Write the introduction

Now that you have completed the main body of your essay, you must write an introduction. This is your essay’s first impression on the reader. so try to make this section attractive and interesting. Think about your introduction as an attention grabber. Some ideas to include are quotes, shocking facts and reference to anecdote. You can also write a simple summary of your topic. Your last sentence of introduction must have a connection to the main body to keep the follow of the reader.

6. Write a conclusion

Now to bring closure to the topic; sum up your main idea in a few sentences. Think about it as a reinforcement of what you have to communicate to your reader. Keep it simple and brief.

7. Grammar and other checks

Before submission, read your essay carefully. You can take someone’s help to review it. Check whether all your thoughts have been included. Check for spelling and grammar errors. make sure the flow of sentences is smooth. Think about changing some phrases of words to replace them with a better choice of vocabulary, if necessary. 

Congratulations! You have just written a great essay ready for submission. 

Remember! Whether you win it or not but this process of writing is important so enjoy it.

Photo Credit:  Green Chameleon on Unsplash